Join us 

The climate disaster is burning and flooding California.

Collective action is survival.

We are marching, occupying and rallying to educate, activate and instigate change

Whether you are 7 or 77, the movement needs your energy

Friday Jan 17th: Youth & Allies Strike

Come join Oakland youth to help create a Resilient Village

to stand for climate justice with a Green New Deal


Oscar Grant/Frank H. Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, CA

Workshops on civic engagement, art, herb, water cachement, plus live art, performances and open mic.


Sponsored by Youth Vs Apocalypse, Mycelium Youth Network, Planting Justice  and others.

Inspiration from our Direct Action in the Streets  


September 2019 SF Climate Strike Street Murals

"This is what arts and resistance

looks like in San Francisco!

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Ongoing In the Classroom: Divest Teachers Pension Funds
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 Groups Supporting the Bay Area Climate Action

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SF Bay Area Climate Strike

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